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Is it possible to increase penis size? I think this is a topic for the TV show, Myth Busters... Don't you? Personally I think it's a bunch of bunk. Especially all the different pills and herbal concoctions you can buy.

I know a lot of money is spent every year by men like us, that are desperate for help. But have you found any EVIDENCE that these pills really work? I haven't. And if you did, chances are you wouldn't be reading this right now.

All I've found is the same old information on thousands of web sites run by people who couldn't care less about your problem. All they want is your money.

My advice on this subject is to ask your doctor. Period. If there is a PROVEN pill or method to permanently increase penis size, he or she will tell you. But it's highly doubtful.

Then there's stretching your dick for months to enlarge it. I've read on forums that it works but I seriously doubt this method will really do anything to make your penis bigger. On these forums some guys say it works, but you always find threads asking "Why isn't this working for me"??

And it's very possible that stretching or (jelqing) could damage your penis, so Sorry.., Fuck That! End of story...

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