Womanizer Clit Stimulator

The Womanizer

The Womanizer has gotten Incredible reviews on Amazon and other sites as well.

If your woman has a difficult time and just absolutely cannot cum.., this new clit stimulator just might be the only toy that will satisfy her needs.

The Womanizer Image

The most intriguing thing I've read is multiple woman saying it gave them Wonderful Orgasms in under 5 minutes..! And some woman made claims of coming even quicker.

I had never heard of this toy before until I came across it in an ad and checked it out.

But.., I gotta tell ya. From everything I've read...,

I'll be getting this for my wife Very Very soon. You'll find a Womanizer Discount at the bottom of this page.

Womanizer Makes His Wife Squirt

I have to mention one review I read...

A husband said it made his wife Cum..., well over 10 times and lost count because she came so many times.

But that's not the best part...! He said she Squirted with the very first orgasm. And.., she kept squirting with each Orgasm over and over again.

But she had never squirted before.., ever..!

When she had finally had enough all he could do was ask...,

"Are You Alright"..? LOL

It was actually the funniest review.., and the most amazing review I've ever read about a womans sex toy.

How The Womanizer Works

You probably think this is some new vibrator.., but it's NOT a vibrator. It's only part vibrator.

The Womanizer Picture

The other part is a light suction... Yes, it has what they call PleasureAir.... and when the Womanizer is placed over the clit.., it gently sucks on her clit..., and vibrates too. (see video below)

Once you position the silicone head over your clit., gently apply pressure an it will engulf your clitoris and provide pulsating pressure waves that are sure to make you come.

You've got 5 levels of intensity although a lot of the woman said they rarely go past level 3.

This toy is cordlesss and there are no batteries to buy. Just plug in the USB cord for charging. (Just like the USB chargers for Android and Iphones.)

Womanizer Video

The Womanizer Picture

The Womanizer Discount

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