The Ride On

The Vixskin Ride On

Here's a nice a video of husband using a Vixskin Ride On penis sleeve extension to last longer and make himself bigger.

As you'll see The Ride On extension stays in place very nicely.

These Vixskin cock sleeve extensions are perfect for:

My wife and I regularly use 2 different Vixskin dildo's with my strapon for men.., (which my wife absolutely love's)..!

Because I use Vixen products I can guarantee The Vixskin Ride On has an incredibly realistic feel.

You just can't find a better life like dildo anywhere.

If you want your wife to want more sex.., and want her to really enjoy your new toy.., get a Vixskin.

Once She Experiences The Ride On
She'll be thinking all day...
About having sex all night...

In the video below you can tell his wife likes the feel of the Ride On...

You can also tell she loves the size of this cock extension.

And you know he enjoys fucking her with his new sleeve. Now he can go all night pleasing her in any position she wants.

And I'm betting..., Your wife will love your new Ride On too.

This Could Be You

NOTE... How to judge if the The Ride On will fit...

If you're under 5" in length.., and if you're width is less than 1.5" in diameter., the ride on should fit. But please read the reviews thoroughly also.

If You're bigger than 5".., you may want to check out The Colossus (link below).

The Bigger Vixskin Colossus

Click to see this wife take The Colossus
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