Is A Penis Sleeve Right For You?

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Below are some of the popular penis sleeve products i've either tried, or wanted to try over the years that I can give you some insight about.

Vixskin Ride On Penis Sleeve (Small)

This ride on is for men on the smaller size. If you're UNDER 6" long

The ride on is probably your best bet to please the wife with great feel, although the most expensive. It is soft and supple on the outside for her which is the most important aspect of all.

And I have a Vixskin dildo that definitely has the most realistic feel my wife or I have ever found anywhere.

If you're looking to give your wife added penis length or more girth, this will help for both aspects.

This is great penis sleeve extension for erectile dysfunction also as it will stay in place even if you loose your erection.

By the way guys, I just read something that will definitely help you if the ball strap is too tight.

If you have large balls, or the strap is too tight, you can loosen it up by placing something inside the strap in between uses to stretch it out. Something like a soda can or maybe something a little smaller. You don't want it to rip, and you don't want it to get over stretched either. It should make a big difference for you.

Here's a video (opens in new window) of a husband using a similar sleeve with a ball strap.

Vixen Colossus Extender Sleeve (Large)

Great Rating on Amazon

This ride on is for men on the larger size. If you're 6" or longer.

Just remember... This sleeve is a bit bigger than the Ride On. It's inside diameter is bigger for you, and it's outside diameter is bigger for her. So make sure your woman like's a big toy.

The reviews I've read give The Colossus 4.5 stars and most guys say it fits them better than the smaller Ride On.

Most reviewers also say it takes their women a little time to get used to the size but once they do they they start asking to use it often. Yeah Baby..!

As stated above. We have a couple Vixskin dildo's and "My Wife Loves Them Better Than Any Other Toy" she's ever used..!!!

You really can't go wrong with any Vixskin dildo. And that includes the Ride On and The Colossus Extender Sleeve.

Their silicone is simply the best and most realistic feel you'll find today.

And, you know what they say..., You Get What You Pay For, and With Vixskin it's absolutely true..!

Here's a tip: If you have large balls, or the strap is too tight, you can loosen it up by placing something inside the strap in between uses to stretch it out. Something like a soda can or maybe something a little smaller. You don't want it to rip, and you don't want it to get over stretched either. It should make a big difference for you.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Stretchy Cock Extender

Great Rating On Amazon

This sleeve extension is getting plenty of good reviews by verified customers about it's added length and girth.

The Fat Boy is a bit different in that it's not only a sleeve extension.., but, it's also a masturbation sleeve. And it feels really good too.

If your plan is to use it as an extender.., this sleeve is nice and smooth for her.., and really soft with no veins or bumps. Most women will really like the feeling of this toy.

This is a perfect toy for you if you're average in size around 6" to 7" and proportionate girth. If you're bigger than average this sleeve extender will make you a bit big for her to accomodate. (depending on her size preference)...,

The good thing about the Fat Boy Extender is if the size is just too much for her.., you can always use it as a very pleasing masturbation sleeve.

TRAZ RHINO Penis Sleeve Extension

Great Rating On Amazon - By 45 Customers

This penis sleeve has got to be one of the most controversial sleeves on the market.

There are so many different opinions it's difficult to make a decision on purchasing this toy.

From everything I've read it appears that this penis sleeve is BIG..!!! So you better be certain that your woman can handle the Girth that this sleeve provides.

I know from experience that "my wife" would not enjoy the Traz Rhino. She doesn't like anything that's too wide.

So you really have to know what your wife or girlfriend likes, wants, and enjoys. You don't want to waste more money on toy's, not to mention "pissing her off" or killing the mood in bed.

Believe me..! I've been there already and tried different dildo's, penis sleeves and extensions that she didn't like and that always left US Both disappointed in the end.

Thats why I put up this site. To help you NOT make the mistakes I, and many others have already made.

Now.., On The Other Hand... There are plenty of women that would LOVE a nice big penis sleeve so if your girl is a little on the big side (Inside her vagina).., and you know for a fact that she's a size queen, then by all means Get Her The Traz Rhino.

You'll have your queen bucking, squirming, moaning, cumming and begging for more of your new toy.

The Cyberskin Penis Sleeve

One type of penis sleeve and extender that's very popular is Cyberskin.

The first question you probably have is: Will it feel good to both partners? As always The feel is the most important aspect of enjoyable sex with any toy...

For starters, my wife was more than willing to try the Cyberskin sleeve because of it's softness. Once she touched it she had no problem trying it out. So, The Feel Is Really Important". Problem is that it had no pleasurable effect for me so in the end I couldn't stay hard to keep it rigid enough for sex.

Actually, the cyberskin penis sleeve "for me" was a little dificult to "work" with... Because it's a sleeve and extension it was difficult to get it to stay stiff enough to get it inside her. It took a while and was kind of killing the mood.

But once it was in she really liked it. But there are 2 tricks that you need to know to make it work well without any problems.

Trick #1: Once its in her.., don't pull all the way out to give her LONG strokes or it will bend on the way back in. In other words.., once its in only pull it half way out, then back in again. She'll love the length and feel and you'll see that the length will really turn her on.

Trick #2: You have to trim it down to fit you..!!!

Perfect Video Using The Cyberskin Penis Sleeve

You'll see in this video how he has trimmed his Cyberskin sleeve to fit his penis perfectly.

Erectile Dysfunction Aid Video
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Basic Penis Sleeve

Another penis sleeve I tried was very similar to the one in this picture. You obviously

Basic Penis Sleeve

just slide it over your penis past the head and it's supposed to make you a bit wider giving her the feeling of a bigger penis.

Although it may look like this sleeve would be worth a try, personally I must say it's really not worth your time.

This type of penis sleeve won't do much for either of you. It doesn't add much girth to your penis and it doesn't feel good in any way for the guy wearing it.

Likewise, it didn't do anything for my wife and truth be told, she didn't like the feel of the sleeve or the texture of the ribs and nubs.

Please guys..., do yourself, your wife, and your sex life a favor... Read my book above. You'll both have an incredible time with the toy I recommend. It's the only toy that extends penis size that you'll both love is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (,,,, or